Managing your wedding flower budget - my top tips !


Welcome to February's Flower Blog. P1 (Expect a few blogs this month!)
In this months chat we'll delve into the world of money.  It's a topic that sometimes makes use feel awkward and uncomfortable but it really shouldn't do. 
First up - set yourself an honest budget for all areas.  You can create a spreadsheet if you're tech savvy or add it to your wedding planner folder.  Then allocate your money pots accordingly. 
Next rank which areas are the most important for you as a couple (not your parents, or what your Nan has told you or that friend you bumped into randomly in the supermarket!)
And here's where my advice comes in.  (Hopefully not too random.)
When looking at florals I'd firstly ask your florist if they have a go to guide for prices (mine is on the website and gives a rough idea of 'prices from.') This helps you (the couple) to determine if your florist is in budget and it helps us (your florist) understand where money can be spent most effectively. 
We wedding florists all set our prices differently - some hire flowers (silks/ artificial,) and others have package prices.  But all will factor in the materials (flowers + sundries) plus time, travel and additional florists wages if your wedding is on the bigger side.  Sometimes known as freelance wages.  You wouldn't expect a plumber to replace a tap and only charge for materials used - floristry is exactly the same. There are lots of factors other than just the flowers.  
My top tips.....
1. Work with the layout of your venue to establish where flowers will look the best. Where will they be seen mostly by guests? Where will your photographer use them as backdrops?  (Look at your venues instagram page for inspiration or speak with your photographer if they have previously shot a wedding there.  Plus you'll have the creative styling input of your florist, trust them to add touches of magic.)
2. One larger installation has more impact than lots and lots of smaller groups of flowers.   Think arches, top table flowers, hanging installations, the possibilities are endless. 
3. Can you move arrangements throughout the day? Centrepieces can act as aisle runners, top table flowers can double as your altarpiece flowers, arches can be moved - same flowers but double the impact!  Your guests will never know. (But don't forget if your florist has to stay to move arrangements there may be an additional charge. )
4. Be honest with yourself and your florist.  If you have a limited budget then mention this at your flower consultation.  It'll ensure your quote will match everyone's expectations and not come as a surprise.  Also if you tell me your budget is £1500 - It's not a target for me, but more an indication of where we can use flowers best.  Also please don't feel embarrassed about this either -it's really fine to talk about money.  
5.  Lastly work with the seasons - pick flowers that are readily available. They'll look fuller and smell divine.  Some flowers will always be more expensive - hydrangeas are always in this group along with the on trend orchids.  If your wedding falls on Valentine's weekend expect red roses to be pricey (by the way this is not a florist mark up, they come into us from the wholesalers sometimes triple the normal price.)  
If you have any tips or advice on budgets please drop a comment below.  Until next time!  Happy flower shopping, 


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