Our Story

Hi! I'm Catrin Heath, Floral Director at Stella Blooms.
My most frequently asked question - who is Stella? Or are you Stella?  Well actually she’s one of the reasons I set up my little flower shed. 
She was my Gran, an auburn hair Geordie who loved all things flora and fauna and was passionate about nature, outdoors and sustainability (way ahead of her time.) She was born in 1912 and really was forward thinking and a stoic WW2 RAF veteran. 
So that you get to know me better here’s my flower journey back story. (I will definitely ask about yours when we meet!)
In the depths of lockdown 2020, I needed to do something creative. I tried baking (lots of burnt banana bread) started to play the piano (I'm still learning) and fell head first very happily into online floristry courses. 
Fast forward and with lots of hard work practice and study, Stella Blooms was established and my days are spent in The Shed at Bronleigh House in Neath. 
My signature style? Well I like to combine floriography (story telling through flowers revived by The Victorians, ) with seasonal flowers with plenty of fragrance, texture & ruffles.  
If I'm chatting to you about floristry or wedding flowers, I’ll never expect you to know every flower (I’ll let you into a secret I don’t either!) Just give me a colour palette & your favourite or meaningful flowers & I’ll do the rest. 
Other information I think you should know. I have two lovely children (my mini bloomers) & have two bouncy sprocker spaniels. (You’ll meet them all on Instagram.)
My family are part of this business too & often muck in along with my Dad & who’s also our delivery driver!
Outside of The Shed, I love spin sessions, fossils and dinosaurs, reading (yes I am in a book club) tattoos, cake (what florist doesn't!?) and being anywhere sunny. 

Please pop in & say hi if you’re passing The Shed or follow us on instagram for the latest updates & goings on.