Wedding Flowers FAQ

There are certain points in the year that bring a flurry of enquiries for wedding flowers.  It's exciting and wonderful and I absolutely love helping navigate through the varied, colourful and fragrant world of wedding blooms. 

Here's my most frequently asked questions:

1. How much will wedding flowers cost?

All my quotes are bespoke to each couple.  There are lots of reasons why, volume of flowers, seasonal costs, venue location - it would be impossible for me to create packages and besides I love that every wedding is unique.  You can find our prices from on our wedding page tab and this should help with budgeting. 

2. Should I allocate 10% to my flowers. 

Personally I think this advice is outdated.  Its very important to allocate budget to your big ticket items - eg Venue and outfits, then I'd ensure I had my photographer and videographer booked in.   From there if you love flowers - go big and cut back on other areas.  Or if you prefer venue decor invest there. It's your wedding - invest your way. 

3. When should I book a florist. 

As soon as you've got your venue in place.  I book only one wedding per day/weekend so if your date is gone I won't double book.  Expect to see me on your day, it's one of my brand values - if you book me, it's me doing your wedding. 

4. Were do the flowers come from. 

I'll always work with seasonal flowers.  My preference is British in summer months and I collect flowers from our local flower farms.  They are vibrant and smell delicious.  Out of season I work with HOEK, a Dutch wholesale grower, who work hard on sustainability and to counter the air miles flown when delivering.  

5. Do you have a minimum spend?

Yes it's 1000 pounds per wedding.  This is to ensure you receive the best flowers and foliage - using luxury flowers. 

6. Do you have a portfolio of work?

Yes head to our instagram page where we put our most up to date work.  It's our shop window. 

7. Can we move flowers during the day?

Yes and that's factored into the price too. I'll always offer advice on how to get the best value for your arrangements. 

8. Do you provide decor and accessories?

Yes we have a good stock of wedding 'props' including vases, bud jars, candle sticks and candleabras, arches, urns, milk urns and so much more. These are hired and the price is also included in your quote. 

9. Are you insured?

Yes and this is updated every year without fail (my previous job was corporate car insurance so it's in my blood!)

10. How do I book a consultation?

Have a read through our wedding page tab and drop me a message via our contact form - you'll see a few simple questions and then we can meet for a cuppa. Consultations are free, expect to spend around 1 - 2 hours with me and I'll follow this up with a detailed quote. 


If you've got any more questions please drop me an email and I'll be happy to help.